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Minecraft Ecosystem Descriptions

The Minecraft Ecosystem has endless possibilities. Your child will be challenged to complete the iBuild Academy tasks in the 3D generated world of Minecraft. This ecosystem will engage your child’s creative side, expand their critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities. Sessions meet weekly, 4 times per month unless otherwise noted. Scroll through the list and sign up for a session.

Monthly Session Fee - $95  (4 sessions)      Early Bird Pricing  - $75 (4 sessions)

By attending iBuild Academy, Inc, you voluntarily assume all risks related to possible Covid - 19 exposure. 


Build with us in our safe virtual world. Will we build with all of the tools freely available or will we build with our own crafted resources? The choice will be made with the group. We will teach you how to craft or help you build. Either way, we will have fun and learn more about Minecraft.

Suggested Ages: 6 - 15

Choose a monthly session to register: 






MC Power Blocks

Minecraft is one of the best ways to introduce programming to young people. This session will show you how the Minecraft "Power Blocks" work. During this session, you will explore Redstone, Structure Blocks and/or Command Blocks to take your build experience to the next level. 

Suggested Ages: 8 - 15

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