Monthly Sessions

All sessions meet weekly 4 times per month, 1 hour per session unless otherwise noted. Monthly session fees $75 - $95 unless noted.

Coding Robots

Your child will be introduced to the world of programming. Learning how to use a programmable robot, children will explore the first stages of sequencing events, out of the box thinking, fundamental concepts, and sensors through a simple drawing interface. Various tasks and challenges will promote trial and error learning.  

Suggested Ages: 6 - 15.  Click here to register.


Game Animation

Begin your game design with a 13 x 13 grid. Create rooms and make characters. Build layouts, heroes, enemies, and backgrounds. Build different levels and then play your game. You can even share your game with the rest of the building community.

Suggested Ages: 8- 15.  Click here to register


Jr. Game Design

Combine storytelling, pixel art, and animation to create your very own video game. Each game will have rooms, sprites, and enemies to begin your video game experience.

Suggested Ages: 7 - 12. Click here to register



Developed by MIT Media Lab, Scratch makes computer programming fun. Each session will have your child learn a new skill set which will lead to their own creations. They will create interactive stories, animations, and games. Children must be able to read and follow directions. 

Suggested Ages: 8 - 15.   Click here to register

Simple Machines 

Within our engineering ecosystem, your child will be introduced to some of the simple machines used every day such as levers, wheels, and axles. During each hands-on session, your child will build and begin to understand how simple machines work. Essential skills for young builders, such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills will be developed. 

Suggested Ages: 6 - 15. Click here to register


Simply Sewing

 Join us for our beginner sewing session. You will learn basic machine stitching to make a variety of fun projects. All supplies will be provided, including fabric and thread. Children will keep their final projects. We will not learn to sew clothing. Examples of possible projects are stuffed animals, drawstring backpacks, pillows, placemats, and small quilts. There is a maximum of 4 participants per session.

Suggested Ages:  9 - 15     Click here to register


Build with us in our safe virtual world. Will we build with all of the tools freely available or will we build with our own crafted resources? The choice will be made with the group. We will teach you how to craft or help you build. Either way, we will have fun and learn more about Minecraft.

Suggested Ages: 6 - 15.  Click here to register


Minecraft Powerblocks

Minecraft is one of the best ways to introduce programming to young people. This session will show you how the Minecraft "Power Blocks" work. During this session, you will explore Redstone, Structure Blocks and/or Command Blocks to take your build experience to the next level. 

Suggested Ages: 8 - 15.  Click here to register

Stop Motion Video

Make your story come to life. During this session, children will produce their own videos. Characters will come to life with simple movements. Before you know it, you will have produced a short-animated video including voiceover and sound effects.

Suggested Ages: 6 - 15.  Click here to register