Monthly Sessions

All sessions meet weekly 4 times per month, 1 - 1.5 hours per session unless otherwise noted. Monthly session fees range between $75 - $95

The Computer Programming Ecosystem will teach more than just your basic binary code. Your child will participate in unplugged activities, create algorithms, use a drag and drop interface, program robots, even make video games. ​

The Engineering Ecosystem will expose your child to simple machine building, goal oriented tasks, and scientific methodology. Throughout the engineering ecosystem your child will explore various fields including electrical, mechanical, and robotic engineering. 


The   Home School STEM enrichment   sessions will expose your child to each of the ecosystems we offer with engaging activities as described in the session description. The combination sessions meet weekly. The activities will change each week for a different interactive experience. Most sessions meet for 90 minutes.

The Minecraft Ecosystem has endless possibilities. Your child will be challenged to complete the iBuild Academy tasks in the 3D generated world of Minecraft. This ecosystem will engage your child’s creative side, expand their critical thinking skills, and problem solving abilities. 

The Video Production Ecosystem will explore movie making. Your child will write, produce, direct, and edit movies using an iPad.  Digital storytelling will be emphasized with purpose and audience.  ​ 



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